About us

Landtechnik Gut Renzow GmbH started in 2008 as the machine service company for a farm in northern Germany that was found in 1990.

When we imported the first baggers and extractors in 2007 for our own use, we knew that the product is flexible, easy to handle and effective.

By the time we started to use it ourselves we saw all the advantages and decided to sell it as well to other farmers.

During the years we developed from being an importer and dealer to become the general importer for Richiger machines for Europe.

Instead of working with several brands and products we decided to stay with Richiger and their machines working with silobags.

Now we provide customers and dealers with machines, experience and spare parts throughout Europe. Our policy is to always have machines on stock because often customers need them to be delivered in short terms. That is the advantage of having a central importer.

But the most important, we never stopped using the machines ourselves.

We constantly work closely with Richiger and their engineers to make the product better and to adapt it to the needs of the European market.








30.MARCH-03.APRIL 2014
Czech republik, brno, techargo

We will present some very intresting RICHIGER machines at Brno's Techargo 



20.-24. SEPTEMBER 2013
Poland, Bednary-Kolonia, agro show

We are presenting RICHIGER machines on the 15 Agro Show in the small village  Bednary-Kolonia, near by Poznán, Poland



 10.-16. NOVEMBER 2013
Germany, Hanover, agritechnica

Also on the Agritechnica you can visit ouer company and have a look on the newest RICHIGER machines.